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Download Accelerator Plus

下载Download:“Download Accelerator Plus”(New version)最新版本。

. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's most popular download manager, with over 170 million users worldwide. DAP accelerates your download speed so you can get all your favorite files, applications, and videos as fast as possible. Additionally, DAP features powerful privacy, security, and file management tools letting you download with confidence and flexibility. DAP is easy to use, working automatically with your web browser to provide the fastest download speed possible. DAP 9.1 has been enhanced with the most requested features to provide an even better download experience. Downloading is safer in DAP 9.1 with innovative new download security powered by SpeedBit's Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis. In DAP 9.1 you can now choose your Download Style, with Internet Explorer style downloading, that lets you get files with Download Windows, and Firefox style downloading, that presents all your downloads in a Download list. DAP is also being translated into multiple languages by users working on the DAP Wiki project, and support for Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 has been added. Additionally, expansions are available for DAP that provide for downloading and acceleration of your favorite videos from YouTube and other popular video sites.

. 一个非常不错的号称能提高下载速度300%以上的下载工具,支持多点续传,可以自动搜索镜像服务器,尽可能地提高下载速度,支持多服务器连接,搭配IE与Nescape使用。文件安装完后不需另外做设定,在浏览器发出下载文件要求时,便会自动启动帮你下载件,并且支持代理服务器,自动拔号等等。


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