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VersionTracker Pro

下载Download:“VersionTracker”(New version)最新版本。

官方下载:VersionTracker Pro 4.1

. VersionTracker Pro monitors the version status of installed drivers and 3rd-party applications on your Windows systems and then shows you when new updates are available.
VersionTracker Pro also provides you with a detailed description about each update to help you make informed decisions and will download and automatically install the updates you choose to apply.
Feature Summary:Installed software & driver tracking - lists of your installed software and drivers that automatically refresh when you install a new program, device, update, or upgrade. Feedback Alerts - VersionTracker Pro will alert you when feedback is posted on any application you are interested in following, whether you have them installed or not. Search - a comprehensive database of over 198,000 drivers & applications. Download History - a record of the driver and application updates you've downloaded and installed. Preview Pane - provides product details including "what's new" in the latest version. Skip Version - skip an update and still be notified about the next release. Download Manager - queues multiple downloads for optimum speed and provides automatic retries. New Uninstall feature for your Software - From within the VersionTracker Pro application you can uninstall any application that is in the operating system Control Panel's "Add or Remove Programs" section (Windows XP and Windows 2000) or "Uninstall or change a program" section (Windows Vista).

. VersionTracker Pro 能替使用者定时的自动检查应用软件的最新版本,并且下载安装,其原理是连上原创公司网站的数据库来替全世界的计算机使用者收集、比对软件最新版本数据,每比对一次,就可将计算机中所有软件都提升到最新状态,减少您的计算机中出现软件 Bug 的频率。


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